Ecommerce Web Hosting

Do you need e-commerce Web hosting if you want to run an online business? No, but that’s leaving out a lot of details. A better question would be: why is e-commerce hosting better than regular hosting? If you want to run a small store selling just a few items, then you can use a regular hosting account without any problems. If you want to sell more and run an actual business, then e-commerce hosting will come in very handy. Resources and Speed First of all, most e-commerce hosts offer more bandwidth, memory and speed than regular hosts. This is because business users will often get more visitors and activity than someone running a small blog. While resources won’t be a huge concern when you are starting out, this will become a problem later if you don’t scale up.

Failing to use an e-commerce host with a good amount of bandwidth can result in people being unable to complete their purchases, which means that you will lose money. Security is no laughing matter when you run an online business. If you have a blog, then the worst thing a hacker can do is deface your website and keep you from logging in. If you run a business, then the hacker can steal customers’ credit card numbers. Not only that, but you might be liable if it’s proven that your security wasn’t good enough for your website.

Ecommerce hosts have many security features that you often won’t find with regular hosts. This ensures that every credit card number is encrypted and that it will be harder for a hacker to penetrate your website. Shopping Carts and Payment Systems One of the most compelling reasons to use e-commerce hosting is because these hosts typically offer advanced shopping carts and they integrate very well with payment systems and gateways. There are many standard shopping carts and payment systems, like the Paypal cart, that works well if you have a smaller website.

However, this cart isn’t quite as advanced as the cart you will find with e-commerce hosts. If you want a smooth shopping cart with various features that can help with upsells, then e-commerce hosting is much better. Advanced Business Management Another perk of choosing an e-commerce host is that you will often get an admin panel that will help you manage your business. For example, the panel will usually tell you how many items you have left, it will allow you to easily change pictures and descriptions and you should be able to manage sales and discounts without making extensive changes.

Business is all about management. If you can’t manage your inventory, descriptions and customers, then it’ll be difficult to make money. Conclusion While e-commerce Web hosting isn’t a requirement if you want to sell things online, it will be very beneficial because it will help you manage your business, you will get more resources and the available shopping carts and security are often more advanced than what a regular host would offer. This ensures that you will have a much easier time starting your business and making money.