Ecobee Thermostats

Ecobee thermostats are the way of the future to heat and cool your home! With this innovative technology, you will be able to monitor your home using WiFi access even when you are not there. Compared to conventional thermostats, Ecobee thermostat users saved an average of 23% on their heating or cooling bills. With the flick of a finger on your smartphone, you will be able to monitor and adjust the temperature of any room in your home, see statistics that tell you where there are hot or cool spots, set schedules for heating or cooling, and even compare your usage over a period of time. 

Why try Ecobee thermostats? The price of the Ecobee thermostat system will pay for itself within just a month or two. There are several ways to set them up, with monitors for rooms in order to set up thermal zones n your home. Add more monitors or less, as you desire. Since they operate via WiFi, there is no wiring for the monitors, and they can be moved as needed. These smart sensors can actually detect where a room is occupied, and will automatically shut off areas of your house when you’re not at home. They can even tell the difference between you and your pet! This results in significant savings!

Buyers have extolled the virtues of the simplicity of setup, the ease of changing batteries, and even how simple it was to program the remotes. One simply walks to the wifi thermostats with the remote, holds it still for a few seconds, and instantly the thermostat reads the remote and sets it up. How could it be easier? Your Android phone will be constantly in touch with your Ecobee thermostat, allowing you do anything from turning it on, off, adjust the temperature, monitor occupancy, or get it ready for you while you’re on your way home.

Other fantastic features include a very long range of operation for the sensors – up to and over 30 feet from the thermostat, long-lasting batteries – each sensor lasts up to four years, ergonomic decorative looks that even cause users to “fall in love with them”, allow for variances in temperature, such as providing extra cooling in a kitchen where you’re cooking, or varying the temperature for each individual person in your household. Special features like Vacation Mode and Away can help you tell the system how you’d like the system to work, and special aberration setting that shows you when the weather is affecting the system helps you to adjust the temperature so that it does not cause higher bills. Customers agree that Ecobee is the best home heating and cooling system on the market.

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