Dedicated Hosting Overview

Dedicated web hosting allows you to host only your site on a single server. With an entire server devoted solely to your sites, you can benefit from sufficient memory and bandwidth in handling massive amounts of traffic. Moreover, you may install as many applications as possible without worrying that these will disrupt other sites on the same server. Since security is not a concern in a dedicated server, you will have more control, accessibility and freedom in hosting your site. Who and Why You Should Use Dedicated Hosting Most people prefer dedicated servers instead of shared hosting because they want to gain full access to their site without any hassle. This type of hosting also keeps your sites or databases secured because you are not sharing these with other accounts. Hence, you can avoid serious concerns such as viruses or malware attacking your site.

Companies may also want to make sure that their visitors and customers can access the site without any obstruction. Furthermore, users can be certain that their personal details are not leaked out through server configuration errors and similar issues. Dedicated hosting is also a great option for those who want to obtain full control over the type of operating system chosen for their server. It is also beneficial to site owners who manage popular sites, which require scripts that are not allowed in shared hosting. Hence, you may be able to run any site efficiently despite a massive amount of traffic. Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Those who prefer to experience the autonomy and convenience in running a popular site for their business or personal use can gain numerous benefits from using dedicated servers.

The following are some advantages that come with dedicated hosting:
1. Flexibility – With this type of hosting, you can use your server according to your needs as long as it maintains the required memory, hard drive space and bandwidth.

2. Features – Each web hosting company offers different features included with the hosting plan. Some may come with a minimum fee for the add-on services such as spam monitoring, e-commerce solutions, control panel and scripts.
3. Control – You can have more control over your server since you are not sharing it with other sites.
4. Reliability – With a dedicated server, you can avoid concerns about outgrowing a shared hosting provider because of the sufficient bandwidth and memory.

You can add various applications to your site and remain confident that your server can handle the site’s growth. Price Range and Further Details Even when you are on a budget, you can choose from a number of dedicated web hosting companies that offer packages at the lowest possible price. These web hosts also provide complete Linux or Windows-based servers that include all the essential tools and features that you need. Popular companies that provide cheap monthly fees for dedicated hosting include Server Pronto ($49.95/month), GoDaddy ($99.99/ month), and SingleHop ($99.99/month). These hosting services also offer free setup, 3 – 5 IP addresses, control panel, and a few other features. Bottom Line Dedicated hosting gives you the opportunity to expand or add several applications without affecting the quality and integrity of your site. Make sure you determine your specific requirements, budget and skill level before choosing the best hosting plan for your needs.