What are cash back sites?

Ebates.com is a reward website that focuses specifically on online shopping. You are simply rewarded for shopping online through their links. Its members are allowed to earn a cash back of up to 25% on their online purchases.

Before signing up to Ebates for free, the members should ensure that the email addresses they are signing up with should be same as those of their PayPal account since all Ebates payments are made through this platform.

Their registrations are free and do not require their members to either redeem their shopping points nor fill in forms of registration. Affiliated to more than 2,000 online stores, it gives its customers a wide range of choices. The following are the pros and cons of Ebates.com;


  • It is amazing that you get a cash back for shopping you should have done even without it. What makes it even more interesting is simple signing in process that takes a short time. Installing Ebates Cash Button makes the whole process less intrusive, and with time you will not even realize that you are shopping with Ebates.
  • Ebates customer service is very fast in addressing arising issues. With their experience in the market since 2000, their services
    are remarkable, otherwise they won’t have survived for so long.
  • With the clear listings of stores and their respective cash back percentage, members are made to be aware of their cash backs without any issue.
  • With an access to more than 2,000 online stores, customers may not shop from all of them but for sure they have a variety to choose from.


  • Missing payouts seems to be one of the major issue affecting the users of Ebates.com, this is evident in their website whereby customers complain of not being paid their cash back. The fact that you are only paid four times a year makes this even more disastrous.
  • Even with being affiliated to many stores, Ebates.com has constraints that inhibit their customers from shopping from all categories in this shops. Shopping some goods from online stores through Ebates links does not earn you cash backs. The limit of customer’s shopping categories totally depends on their choice of the online store they like since different stores vary in terms of cash back eligibility.


Ebates is undoubtedly easy and time saving to sigh in. With good cash back rewards, clear instructions, many stores and an efficient customer services Ebates serves its purpose to prime. However challenges of missing payouts and limited categories makes it challenging for some users.